Mysql Cluster 7.3 Limitations / PART 1

Mysql Cluster 7.3 Limitations


– Temprory Tables: NDB storage engine doesn’t support to creating temporary table. When you create or alter to temporary table you will get this error:
Table storage engine ‘ndbcluster’ does not support the create option ‘TEMPORARY’.

– Indexes and keys in NDB tables: Key and indexes has following limitations.

-Column with : When you create an index on the NDB tables columns , which is greater than 3072 bytes , succeeds but only first 3071 bytes are actually will used for index. In such cases you will get below warning. Specified key was too long; max key length is 3072 bytes

– Text and Blob Columns: NDB storage engine doesn’t support to BLOB and TEXT data types.

– FullText indexes: NDB storage engine doesn’t support to Fulltext index. Using Hash keys and Null: İf you are using nullable column in unique keys or primary keys the query will use full table scans. For fixing this issue you should use NOT NULL column or recreate index without USING HASH option.

– BIT Column : Bit column cannot be primary key, unique key or index . But it can be part of composite primary key , unique key or index.

– Restrictions of Foreign Keys: NDB cluster 7.3 supports to foreign key but ON UPDATE CASCADE is not supported when the reference is to the parent table’s primary key. SET DEFAULT is not supported. NO ACTION keywords are accepted but thread as RESTRICTED.

– Geometry data types: Are supported. WKT and WKB. But you cannot create index on that columns.

– User Defined Partitioning: Except Linear Key partitioning , NDB storage engine supports to User Defined Partitioning. Using any other partitioning type with ENGINE=NDB or ENGINE=NDBCLUSTER in a CREATE TABLE statement results in an error. The maximum number of partitions that can defined for a NDBCLUSTER table when employing user-defined partitioning is 8 per node Known Limitations of MySQL Cluster group.

– Drop Partition: Is not supported. But you can add partition , reorganize partition and coalesce partition.
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